Aug 26

Fall Recitals for Kimberly Steele Studio

special needs piano lessons naperville


Fall Recital at Steinway of Hinsdale

Friday, October 14 at 6:30pm

120 S. Washington Street, Hinsdale, IL

Fall Recital at Hendricks Keyboards

Saturday, October 15, 2016

1:30pm and 2:30pm

Please arrive ten to fifteen minutes early.  Attire is casual-dressy, like what you would wear in a temple or church.

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Mar 04

Kimberly Steele Studio VS. The Competition


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Nov 11

The Voice Factor Summer Camps 2016 – Group Voice & Recording Classes in Naperville

Group Voice summer camps this Summer 2016…
group voice lessons napervilleThree day singing and intensive recording summer camps!

Develop star quality and overcome jitters in a program designed to improve your voice, microphone technique and stage presence. Using popular music and show tunes specifically chosen for your voice, perform and record in front of others. Gain valuable feedback so you can ace your next audition or simply feel more comfortable singing in public. Finally, record your best song as an MP3 in a professional studio setting.

Only at Kimberly Steele Studio Naperville, starting June 2016
Mornings or afternoons.

Ages: 8 – 17

The most fun you have ever had in a group voice class!

Enroll now through the Naperville Park District!

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Oct 11

Newest Science Reveals Music is A Full-Brain Workout

“Recent studies by neuroscientists of FMRI scans show that whereas activities like reading a book, doing math problems, or even listening to music only stimulate parts of the brain, playing an instrument engages the whole organ. Not only does the musician’s brain light up like the sky on the Fourth of July…”

Read the rest of this article at Huffington Post.

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May 24

FREE Downloadable PDF Sheet Music of Your Favorite Pop Artists

Free download sheet music easy piano PDFs of classics and hits arranged by Kimberly Steele, such as Say Something, All of Me by John Legend, Imperial March from Star Wars, and more…


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Jul 22

KS Students MP3 Now On iTunes and Amazon


Buy MP3 at Amazon

Buy MP3 at iTunes

Buy MP3 at CD Baby

Create your own MP3!

Kimberly Steele Studio students Emma, Rachel, and Maddie (bandname: EmRayMa) recorded Vanessa Carlton’s hit song, A Thousand Miles, during the 2011 Summer Camp for Young Recording Artists. Emma is turning twelve in August 2011. Rachel is turning ten in November 2011. Maddie has just turned ten.

This song is being sold as a digital single worldwide with 100% of profits donated to a specific charity of the student artist’s choice. EmRayMa are donating all profits from their cover of A Thousand Miles to Children’s Memorial Hospital of Chicago, Illinois. This charity puts money directly into the hands of families in need of social services: items such as fuel, mattresses, hotel stays, medications, etc.

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Jul 22

Free Interview Lesson

Free Interview Lesson

For Piano or Guitar

No obligation to begin


Schedule yours today, call (630) 561-6456 or email

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