A La Carte Lessons


A La Carte Lessons is Kimberly Steele Studio’s option for students over the age of 9 who are unable to commit to a regular lesson time over the span of a year.  A La Carte lessons are an ideal choice for adults who have to schedule around work.

They are also great for students with rapidly shifting sports and activity schedules.

A La Carte lessons are available for all instruments taught in the Kimberly Steele Studio.

A La Carte lessons span from the beginning of the calendar month to the end of the third calendar month.  They may start any month of the year.  Lesson times are arranged between you and the teacher at the time lessons are paid.

A La Carte Lessons Rates

2 Month Period

30 Minute Lesson Option, 4 lessons over the span of 2 months/ $135

60 Minute Lesson Option, 4 lessons over the span of 2 months/ $245