Kimberly Steele

About Kimberly Steele

(piano, guitar, voice) is the owner and founder of Kimberly Steele Studio and the author of the I Love Music Theory Method for Guitar.

Kimberly began teaching piano and guitar in 1996 after earning her music degree from the Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University where she majored in Music Theory.  Ms. Steele has been teaching piano, guitar, voice, and music theory for twenty years.

The Kimberly Steele Studio was founded in February 2009.  Ms. Steele’s areas of expertise include: Music Theory, Composition, Music Arrangement, Piano Pedagogy, Guitar Pedagogy, Vocal Technique and Production, and Digital Recording.

Due to a full schedule, Kimberly Steele is not able to take new private students at this time, however, prospective students are encouraged to interview with other instructors at Kimberly Steele Studio.  As an alternative, prospective students may also get on the waiting list for the first available opening with Kimberly Steele.