Tehila Zeinfeld — Voice, Guitar, and Piano

Tehila Music Teacher
Tehila Zeinfeld is a professional singer/songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, teacher, performing and recording artist.

Tehila was born and raised to a musical family, both parents are accomplished singers/songwriters and producers that topped the pop sales charts. The family of nine moved to Hawaii in 2008 and formed a family band. They performed all over the Islands and self produced music videos that have been enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.

Tehila co-produced her family band’s album, Havaiia, in Los Angeles with award winning producer Hagay Mizrahi.  Mizrahi has produced tracks for Justin Bieber, Snoop Dog, Jacquie Lee and many more.  Learn more at TehilaMusic.com.

Tehila brings a holistic, creative vision to music teaching and gently helps her students to bring out the music within themselves.

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