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Beginning Students

Learn your way around the piano with Kimberly Steele’s  time-tested, standardized demonstration method of teaching music theory concepts.  Unlike competing studios, Theory is integrated from Lesson One.  From understanding and remembering quarter note values (not always worth “one”, depends on bottom number of time signature) to comprehension of Tonic, Dominant, and Leading Tone scale degrees, beginners receive a thorough education in all aspects of music.

The Kimberly Steele Studio uses Faber & Fabers’ Piano Adventures Piano Lesson Book series.  Because no method series is perfect, Piano Adventures  is heavily supplemented with outside music and copyrighted Kimberly Steele theory one-sheets.  Students are repeatedly taught how to recognize musical intervals both by ear and by sight as early as Piano Adventures Level One, if not sooner. Improvisational opportunities abound for the young composer and delightful supplementary solos given at each level of achievement enhance the fun aspect of playing.  Singing is encouraged.  Recording of pieces every six months is mandatory.  Optional Recitals every six months are enhanced by “Recording Week”, where every student makes a share-able digital recording of his or her performance.

Students learn pop music, rock and jazz in almost every Kimberly Steele Studio piano lesson and are encouraged to sing or compose according to their comfort with singing or composing.

Intermediate Pianists

After the completion of Piano Adventures 3B, students graduate to the “Big Time” where they learn modern pop, jazz standards, lead sheets, and rock & roll along with the most famous and playable traditional Classical pieces. Here is a brief sampling of pieces intermediate Kimberly Steele Studio piano students are playing:

  • Linus & Lucy (the Charlie Brown theme)
  • Say Something by A Great Big World feat. Christina Aguilera
  • Misty by Errol Gardner
  • Turkish Rondo by Mozart
  • Autumn Leaves by Joseph Kosma
  • All of Me by John Legend
  • In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg

Once the piano student reaches higher level of proficiency, she may choose her general direction as long as musical literacy has been attained.   Students are also given jazz lead sheets to read and perform.

Memorization is emphasized and performance is strongly encouraged at this level. It’s a real golden age as piano study becomes constant piano performance, even if these performances are just for fun!



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