Voice Lessons

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Voice lessons in the Kimberly Steele Studio include music theory, sight-singing, and  the powerful tool of digital recording.

Voice Factor Group voice and recording lessons are available at various times of year via the Naperville Park District.

group voice lessons naperville
Voice Factor Group Voice Classes through the Naperville Park District

RECORDING: Voice lessons involve recording covers of popular music in order to develop skill and microphone technique.  Teacher will choose five out of every six songs in order to challenge the student.  Unless there is an audition or Recital coming, vocal students usually learn one song at a time.  A completed “Unit” is a finished pop song, emailed to the student or the student’s parent as an MP3.  Every sixth song or so, the student has her or his free choice of song.

MASTERING PITCH: The number one hallmark of a great singer is the ability to sing on pitch consistently. At Kimberly Steele Studio, voice students learn from the beginning to sing intervals and pitches in the form of exercises and in their actual music. By using the powerful tool of digital recording with their teacher, singers quickly learn to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

BREATHING: Adequate breath and breath control are challenges all singers must rise to. Breathing must happen silently and in the right places. Each voice lesson begins with a breath-sustaining exercise that students are expected to repeat at home to gain more lung capacity and greater control over breath release.

RANGE: Singers will be given material that challenges them in the form of exercises and popular songs. A range test is given in the initial lessons that we will seek to expand over time as new songs are learned and recorded.

PRACTICE: Singers are expected to practice as much or more than any other instrumentalists in the Studio. Memorization of lyrics is stressed. Singers are regularly given sight-singing assignments to take home which they are expected to complete by writing in Solfege syllables to bring back by the following week.

Here are some examples of tunes currently being recorded and performed by Kimberly Steele Studio vocal students:

  • Stay With Me by Sam Smith
  • The Star Spangled Banner (traditional)
  • Chandelier by Sia
  • Blue Skies by Irving Berlin
  • Royals by Lorde
  • Applause by Lady Gaga
  • Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson
  • Hello by Adele