Project Studio

In addition to private piano, guitar, and voice lessons, Kimberly Steele Studio operates as a small digital recording project studio ideal for solo artists, small bands, and voiceovers. Every private piano, guitar, and voice student of the KS Studio records their tunes digitally as part of the normal lesson curriculum.

What we offer:

  • Professionally sound abated vocal booth with silent air filtration
  • 2 Mountain Lion OSX iMacs running Logic Pro
  • ProFire 2626 Digital Interface
  • Blue Sky and Yamaha monitors
  • Melodyne pitch correction
  • Grand piano and upright piano
  • Fully weighted keyboard controller
  • 2 Blue Spark mics
Me in the vocal booth. Yes, if you are short like me, we can lower the microphone!
The vocal booth with door shut.
Mac running OSX Mountain Lion, Reason 6, and Logic Pro
Where we record students of guitar, voice, and piano!
Our burgeoning guitar collection — we’ve got many more.


The mastering room, again with Mac OSX Mountain Lion & Logic Pro